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In English

Latest update : 28 June.

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  • The Poisoners must be poisoned

    28 June 2017

    Summer has started and, like nature, some businessmen and tourism professionals, those who look at you with money in their eyes, have "woken up" and started to ready themselves to receive tourists in Chania . Of course, this requires that they clean up the surroundings (the Old Port, Koum Kapi, Chalepa) of infectious and filthy trash, which, for them, is everything that moves but is not edible, at least according to their own habits. To be or not to be the center of the world…
    Pesticides, (…)

  • Radical Scavengers Come Out of the Woodwork

    28 June 2017

    To refuse the mechanism of politics – of which recuperation and representation are full parts – is not a question of principle, it’s a condition of real experimentation of autonomy and self-organisation. Only dialog of the revolted, among themselves in a space of anti-authoritarian struggle where words and their meanings are not mutilated by means of control and consensus imposed by power, can possibly overgrow organised confusion. It’s there, away from all representation, that ideas without masters or owners that drive us will, at last, belong to all those who recognise themselves in them.

  • Paris, 1st May 2018: Deadlock in action

    16 May 2017

    The following few paragraphs are not the final word. On the other hand, beyond the invectives from one side, in the first rank of which we find the Minister of the Interior, and cries of victory from the other side, among which we count the ineffable site “Lundi Matin” i, these paragraphs try to bring out the facts that make it possible to affirm that the “social movement” is today, until proof to the contrary, at an impasse. As such, the demonstration on May 1st, in Paris, is a brilliant (…)

  • Days from the 5th till 12th of February are the days of solidarity with repressed Russian anarchists

    1 February 2017

    In October of 2017 in Penza six anarchists and antifascists were arrested by officers of Federal Security Service on a charge of creating a terrorist group. Moreover, in that time the period of raids in anarchists and antifascists’ houses has started all over Russia. The objects of Security Service’s attention were different people from absolutely different towns. At last, a new wave of detentions was launched in January of 2018. An antifascist Victor Filinkov was kidnapped by Security (…)

  • Chile: Anarchist Prisoner Tamara Sol Badly Wounded and in Isolation for Attempted Escape

    15 January 2017

    We were informed this morning that Tamara Sol was involved in an ATTEMPTED ESCAPE from Valparaíso Prison!!!! She is badly wounded, brutally beaten by Gendarmerie and is currently in isolation, incommunicado and awaiting tansfer to another prison.
    Tamara has been under sanctions and without visits since early January following a fight, where she was the only one punished. It should be noted that this happened after having VERY GOOD CONDUCT and meeting her WORK REQUIREMENTS to get prison (…)

  • On the ideology of “anti-Islamophobia”

    3 January 2017

    The intention of this text is to reply to those among the anarcho-communists who are engaged in the fight against “Islamophobia” and who, for that reason, bar all criticism of Islam and endorse a theory of race as a social class, in an atmosphere of increasing tension, accusations of racism, and even actual physical attacks.

  • About Catalonia

    25 October 2016

    We have been observing for several years that, from the historical bases of revolutionary critique, not much has been won. However, in 2017, the debate about the validity of the independence of Catalonia, the richest region in Spain, or the self-determination of the Catalan people, is especially disturbing.

  • We Can Still Be Worse : Reflections Following the Disappearance of Santiago Maldonado

    2 October 2016

    On August 1st, members of the Pu Lof Mapuche community in resistance in the Cushamen province barricaded National Route 40, along with allies in solidarity. They cut off traffic in solidarity against the legal proceedings confronting el Lonko Facundo Jones Huala (for the second time). Minutes later, buses and trucks arrived carrying about thirty border police armed with rifles. The Mapuches began throwing rocks, responding to the presence of the bastard forces of order. The border police (…)

  • Paris : A second trial of the struggle against the deportation machine

    13 June 2016

    On May 30 2017, judge Gendre released a committal order of her own, sending seven additional companions and comrades to court in connection to the struggle against the deportation machine in Paris.

  • The Deportation Machine Case : Trial date set for four comrades on June 23 2017 in Paris

    31 May 2016

    After seven and a half years of pre-trial hearings and thousands of pages of disclosure, after fifteen people had their homes searched, were arrested, followed, eavesdropped on, filmed, interrogated, incarcerated, placed on house arrest, and kept under various bail conditions for seven years, the state and the justice system will finally take only four people to trial on June 23 2017 in Paris. The most serious charges served only to justify the intensity of the repression, since they were dropped, leaving only the more limited charges (graffiti, light property destruction, refusing to give DNA and personal information, etc). Let’s take this occasion to all show our solidarity against borders and against all forms of imprisonment, while refusing the categories of “guilty” and “innocent” imposed by the powerful and while rejecting the Justice system.

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