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In English

Latest update : 11 March.

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  • “I am An Anarchist”

    11 March 2016

    Lucy E. Parsons was a leading figure in American anarchism and the radical labor movement. Born a slave near Waco, Texas, she married Albert R. Parsons who had become a white radical Republican after serving first as a Confederate soldier. In 1873 Albert and Lucy to move to Chicago in 1873 where they became involved in radical labor organizing. Thirteen years later she rose to national fame when she embarked on a speaking tour to raise money for her husband who was one of nine men tried and (…)

  • Damien sentenced to ten months’ prison, let us be jaguars!

    28 January 2016

    Today, Damien Camelio went on trial at the Tribunal de Grande Instance, Paris, from 1:30 pm in the criminal court, accused of four counts of “destruction of public property in a state of legal recidivism”, that is to say of having participated in the wild demonstration of April 14, 2016, in the context of the agitation against the so-called “Labour Law”, and of having committed destruction within it.

  • Thailand, Buddha, the King & I

    9 November 2015

    On 30th October, The Guardian/Observer published the news that the state of Thailand “has begun a search for people deemed to have defamed its monarchy in the wake of the king’s death, investigating 20 new criminal cases and seeking to extradite suspects from abroad” (here). The following article published in French a week ago puts this in context.

    Translated from the original: Le roi de Thaïlande est mort
    (“The King of Thailand is dead”)
    Published originally on Monday, October 24, 2016

  • Wukan: strength and weaknesses of the opposition to the expropriations in rural China

    23 September 2015

    To understand anything about the latest riots in the village of Wukan, you must first understand what the characteristics of land tenure in mainland China are, characterized by the absence of private ownership of land. In essence, it is still based on two forms of ownership, established at the time of the formation of the Maoist state. The first is based on state property. Only the central government can dispose of it. The second is based on collective property. Local authorities can manage (…)

  • Charity, the perfect alibi for the expulsion machine

    5 September 2015

    The wars and shitty conditions inflicted by capital and the state drive thousands of people towards exile. Many of them flee religious and state persecution towards European countries, in hopes of being granted asylum or refugee status. For the authorities, the main issue is to get them on file (notably via a genetic database put in place by the EURODAC regulations, which form part of the Dublin II law), to keep them under control, to park them until they can be sent back. Those with (…)

  • So far so good ?*

    7 August 2015

    We call for this text to be circulated as widely as necessary, and it can be used to stimulate discussion, debate and confrontation.

  • France – Solidarity with those accused of burning a police car in Paris

    5 August 2015

    Following the hypermediatic attention around a police car set on fire under the eyes of dozens of cameras, five people were arrested in the evening or the next day, accused of an attack that all in all quite often happens, everybody hates the police, and almost every day the police come under attack in various ways over the whole territory, especially in this way!
    After the arrests, one person was released, the other four stand accused of ‘attempted intentional homicide’, ‘wilfull violence in (…)

  • A flourishing movement & a laboratory of repression – Interview with a Mexican Comrade

    17 June 2015

    1. Can you introduce yourself?
    I align myself with an anarchism of revolt, of rage and action that leaves full scope for individual autonomy that, in general, [organised] structures know how to stifle so well. I have many doubts about organised anarchism and difficult relationships with it. In theory, I think that an organisation with clear anarchist principles (like the Spanish CNT [ed. – National Confederation of Labour, anarcho-syndicalist trade union]) can be a good tool. In practice, (…)

  • Diaries of exploitation n°2 : The underworld of work

    7 June 2015

    After a few weeks of "vacation", which were much less vacant that any hour spent at work, returning to the job this morning was harsh and rough. To go from moments of curiosity, cheerfulness, relaxation, contemplation, love, adventure and joy, alone or alongside loved ones, back into the pits of false pretences, grovelling, rivalry, taletelling and forced smiles, those accursed forced smiles… In other words, to go from intensity to vacuity, to go from a breaths of fresh air to being devoured (…)

  • Diaries of exploitation n°1 : To work is a horrible thing

    7 June 2015

    To work is a horrible thing. All those who wreck their spines bending over sewing machines, who stultify their brains sitting at computers, who sweat in call centers, who ruin their bodies carrying boxes whose contents they aren’t even aware of, who break down crying in the lavatory to at last wipe from their face that horrid smile they must show the customer, and all the others who weaken themselves by repetitively going through gestures which provide them with nothing but a little money (…)

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