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Chronology of the Solidarity action week with the arson of vincennes in France

Friday 27 February 2009

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Still incomplete. See it in French.

January 9th, Paris:Flash-demonstration in Montreuil.

During 2 hours, about 20 people re-decorated the metro, banks and streets with hundreds of posters and graffitis. This demonstration can be read as a continuity of the marchs in Bellville and La goutte d‘Or areas.

January 16th, Paris: “ Because we don‘t need to wait to be 15000 people to act against what destroy us“.

A march in east-Paris, to show solidarity with the sans-papiers workers in struggle, and the Vincennes detainees in trial. The march passed through the du Tramway Porte des Lilas building sites, and then to Menilmontant strikes places. Hundreds of flyers and posters got around, while major circulation axes were disturbed.Banks and other collaborators were getting some pressure. Two other strikes places received the visitors.

January 16th, Bordeaux: Flash-action.

About 100 people demonstrated to a Bouygues building site, and then to Bougygues office. Posters covered all the front.
January 16th, Angers: Wild demonstration. On the front banner one could read: „Solidarity with the alleged arsonists of the Vinennes detention center“. Posters redecorated the town; posters about the solidarity week, and about Sternokerzeel detention center ( Belgium).

Januray 18th, Paris: Arson against La Poste.

Arson against cash automates, in Clavel street, in the 19th district. Two trash cans were also put on fire. A graffiti:“ La Poste denounces. solidarity. Vincennes „

January 19th, Lyon: BNP banks and Bouygues office were covered by graffitis.

January 19th, Besancon: Solidarity Fireworks for the detainees of Besançon La Butte prison.
„On January 19th 2008, Ivan and Bruno (and then Isa, Farid and Juan) got arrested in Vincennes and then imprisonned for their participation to the struggle against
sans-papiers deportation. This case is still not judged. And they are still paying for it.
On January 19th 2009, in Bordeaux, the Detention Center for migrants burnt down; this center where in passing humen where stocked, waiting for their deportation.
On January 19th 2010, a comrade was sentenced to one year of prison, accused for his attempt to bring material support ( as meat, communication and entertainmnent means) to the detainees of that jail; he’s now roting in there.“

January 19th, Bordeaux: Wild demonstration. Crackers, smoke bombs, flyers and about 250 people.

January 20th, Grenoble: Banners in solidarity hang in the town. Also a lot of posters on the walls.

January 21st, Grenoble: Several banks of the center, as also Ibis Hotel and Bouygues shops found themselves closed with glue in the locks. One Bouygues shops had its glass broken. Many graffities all over the town.

January 22d, Paris: Wild flash demontration. Without any public calling, about 40 people, behind a banner “ Close Detention Center“, had a one hour long walk in the 13t district. Dozen of posters and graffities have been left behind. When police came, the demonstrators entered Tobliac university, and splited in the metro, after final slogans yelled in a commercial gallery.
No identity check. No arrests.

January 23rd, Paris: In the 9ème, 11ème, 12ème, 14ème, 15ème and 17ème districts of Paris, 27 cashpoints of the Post Office, Crédit Lyonnais, Société Générale and the CIC were put out of order with the aid of sulphuric acid or hammer blows during the night 22-23 January. Stickers were attached to them to point out that that all of these banks squeal the names of immigrants without legal ID papers to the cops.
In these banks the employees are instructed by the management to call the cops regularly and ask them to control their clients’ documents. Fully aware of the consequences that this means for their clients without papers, they deliver them to the police headquarters. Most often these people end up in custody, then locked up in a detention centre before being expelled.. Sometimes they even risk prison.
As well as enriching themselves on exploitation (a bank is always a bank !) these banks are participating in the national sport of hunting undesirables. Like everybody, people without documents are obliged to open a bank account, take public transport, move around, go to police headquarters for their wretched papers. Each one of these moments becomes a border post : each one is a possibility of being caught, controlled, taken away. Even if the consequences are not all the same, with or without papers we all suffer exploitation and control.
Because indignation has never been enough, let’s sabotage the machinery of expulsion !

January 23rd, Reims: Several banks ( CIC,La Poste, BNP) covered by graffities.

January 23rd, Paris: Walk in solidarity with Vincennes. About 15 arrested, one kept, for „throwing and violence against an agent“.
The Red Cross ( in the 10th district) office was re-decorated with posters. When arriving at the Carlson Wagon Lits trip agency, another collaborator, several people were blocked and arrested by dozen of civils. People were then bitten up; and police looking for people in the parallel streets. One emploee of the Red Cross, who tried to prevent people from distribute flyers, was ready to testify to police and to identify people. The Red Cross insisted to raise a complaint. About 200 hundreds cops were called in front of the police station, to prevent people from gathering for the arrested comrades.

January 23rd, Grenoble: Court walls covered with red colors, in solidarity. A tag also rose: „The court bury us, let’s bury the court”

January 23rd, Mens village: Solidarity banners on the market place- flyers in the mailboxes of the village.
On Mens market ( in Trieves region), a banner was hang on Saturday January 23rd. One could read: “ For a world with no state, borders, no nation and no prison; for liberty. Solidarity with the accused of Vincennes detention center burning”.
A flyer was put in about 100 mailboxes of the village.

January 25th, Marseille: Gathering at Canet Detention Center- in solidarity with Vincennes trial

January 25th, Angers: for the first day of the trial, graffities “ Fire to the prison”,” solidarity with Vincennes mutiny”, “ Let’s break the walls”… and others on Angers walls. Near a Credit Agricole bank: “ credit agricole= informer”, and near to the customs office: “ P.A.F, a cobblestone in your face!” (P.A.F is the border police).

January 25th, Reims: Graffities were found on BNP Paribas, CIC and La Poste banks.« La Poste denounces sans-papiers”, “La Poste collaborates with deportation », « BNP grasses sans-papiers »

All the week, Angers: On walls, shops windows,…posters in solidarity, and against prisons and borders.

January 27th, Lyon : LCL bank found its windows broken, and graffities on LCL and La Poste.

January 27th, Paris: Air France agency occupied, and turned into chaos. „Around 6 o‘clock, 40 people stopped the ticket selling during half an hour. After the camera was put out of action and the fire alarm set off, the windows have been covered with posters against the deportation machine, as the walls inside. Then some brochures, informing about the collaborating companies ( „Let’s sabotage the deportation machine“ and “ some vulture of the deportation machine“ see HERE), have been sent via fax to other Air France agencies- and the note ‚Opera agency occupied‘ added. Outside, a banner has been hang („Air-France deporter- Liberty for all, with or without papers“) and flyers have been distributed to the bourgeois people passing by. After some smelling bombs were burst, and police arrived, everybody took the metro. All the big plane companies accept deporting, but a lot of deportations are due to Air France KLM ( that offers ‚miles‘– fidelity points that turn into free tickets- to the escorting cops). This action is in line with the Vincennes detainees solidarity week, and of course against all the pigs of the deportation machine. See you later!“

January 30th, Paris: Graffities in the 18th, 19th, 20th districts.
„Down with all the borders!“ „solidarity with the Vincennes accused!“ “ Fire to all prisons!“

February 1st, Paris: Carlson wagon-lit Bastille agency occupied. A Banner was hang and brochures were given. The agency windows were covered by posters.


Still incomplete. See it in French.