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Bolivia : Some words from Refractario about Henry’s case and release to house arrest

Tuesday 15 May 2012

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On May 29, 2012, the police and repressive forces of the Bolivian State let themselves fall upon various individuals in La Paz. Looking to arrest and send a sign of strength before the increasing incendiary/explosive attacks affecting the symbols of power.

The police accused them of being part of a terrorist organization and of participating in about 20 incendiary and explosive attacks claimed by the FAI/FRI (Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front).

After the first arrests, the majority of the arrested started to talk, talk, talk. The “anarchists†(?) made statements to the police, indicated who could have been responsible, accused other arrestees, gave as much information as they could to feed the State’s fantasies. The members of the sickening OARS (Anarchist Organization for Social Revolution) took a sad protagonist role, although they were not the only ones to make statements. The majority managed to be released, finally leaving in prison Henry, Nina and Krudo.

With theoretical somersaults, illogical syllogisms, and real theoretical disasters, a couple of the then-prisoners made statements. Nina snitched, demanding that “the truly guilty†hand themselves over and expounding other theoretical miseries.

Krudo, for his part, spoke against Henry in the statement he made. He said that they modified the text and that even in the worst case he hadn’t said anything new, and only things that “everybody knew†(where someone lives, who met with whom, etc). He confirmed and validated hypotheses of the police.

The anti-authoritarian compañero Henry remained in dignified silence. He did not make statements to the police, he did not collaborate or join the witch-hunt carried out both by the platformists of OARS and by other sectors of “anarchists†who asked loudly for more prisons, sentences, and repressive processes against “the truly responsible.â€

With time, Nina managed to leave prison, going on house arrest. From prison Henry remained dignified and firm, not only before the campaign of terror or the scenes’ disgraces, but also before his convictions. You can see here his writings and interviews from prison.

On May 2nd, almost 1 year since the State’s repressive campaign was unleashed, the compañero Henry managed to leave prison, being allowed house arrest.

It fills us with happiness to know that Henry is no longer locked up, that he will not have to see the prison guards, that he will not be behind the walls and barbed wire… but what makes us happier is Henry’s firm position toward his arrest, toward spending months in prison, toward the State’s fantasies, and toward the accusing fingers.

We believe that solidarity and information cannot end with Henry’s release from prison. It is necessary to continue the support and revolutionary solidarity with the compañero, understanding that the repressive process continues, that the trial will happen at some point, and that the guillotine of many years in prison still hangs over his neck.

From here, a strong embrace Henry, hopefully you can find yourself with your loved ones, reading these letters and knowing that scattered across the world there are those of us who recognize a dignified compañero even without meeting him. All our respect. A Salute full of rebel dignity before the human miseries and the repressive beasts.

For an end to the culture of snitching!

An end to the repressive process in Bolivia!

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