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Italy: Poster in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists Gianluca and Adriano

Friday 26 April 2013

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Millions of cars lined up in traffic jams, massive industrial pollution, concrete poured on nature to make space for highways, rail-tracks, shopping malls, prisons, schools and technological sites; toxic and nuclear waste poured in rivers and on the earth, genetically modified animals used in scientific experiments or for organ transplants, millions of other animals imprisoned and killed every year to satisfy futile consumerism; expropriation of peoples’ lands in Africa, Asia and South America by western governments and multinationals, wars waged to grab the last energy resources, new chemical and technological weapons tested on entire populations by imperialist powers, chemicals and carcinogens in the food we eat, genetically modified plants bombarded with pesticides to boost production, forests raised to the ground to make space for intensive one-crop plantations and gold mines…


Long years spent in schools, offices, factories not much different form prisons, or in front of cell phone screens, computers and TV, entrapped in a flat life made of work, family and programmed entertainment, we are turning into machines that produce and consume and are becoming accomplices of a system that kills and devastates the world, in exchange for miserable technological comforts that can’t make us happy.


Always on the side of those who ‘still have ears for things unheard’, are always rebel and hostile to the power of civilization, and choose to act for a free and wild life.

anarchists in prison accused of sabotage and incendiary attacks on banks, energy multinationals (ENI, ENEL) and companies that exploit animals and the earth